JXtension Is Now jPaq!!!

JXtension has now been replaced by jPaq.  jPaq is a small, fully customizable JavaScript library.  The biggest difference between jPaq and most other libraries is the fact that with jPaq, you only download the functions, objects and classes that you want.  Many of the things that are available in JXtension can be found in jPaq.  Click here to see this fully documented JavaScript library.

What is JXtension?

JXtension is a JavaScript library which gives the web developer the ability to write less code to do the same big tasks.  Webmasters often need to work with the DOM (Document Object Model) while keeping in mind that JavaScript works in different ways on different browsers.  JXtension provides the webmaster a universal way to carry out commonly used tasks for all of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher
  • Firefox 2.0 and higher
  • Safari 3 and higher
  • Google Chrome

What Can JXtension Do?

You can select HTML objects by using CSS-like selectors.  You can bind functions with specific events for HTML objects.  You can concatenate functions.  You can combine colors and determine compatible foreground colors for any background colors.  You can manipulate arrays, functions, and strings in ways that were not previously possible with plain JavaScript.  You can create advanced pages, with minimal JavaScript code, and minimal library code.

How Can I Test It Out?

  • Test Using JXDocs:
    1. Go to the JXDoc for the function that you would like to test out.
    2. Look at the examples listed at the bottom of the JXDoc.
    3. Click the Run Script button to test out the code in the correspond text box.
    4. Modify the code in the text box repeat the previous step.
  • Test Using the JavaScript Box:
    1. Go to http://gotochriswest.com/JavaScript/ScriptBox/.
    2. Enter some StdLib code to test out.
    3. Click the Execute Code button to test it out.
      NOTE:  A great way to test out StdLib code is by using the alert function to display the result of executing a code block.

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